4 Tips for Choosing an Acura Repair Shop in Arlington Heights

Most car owners wouldn’t trust their vehicle to just anyone, and we don’t blame them. There comes a time when most people want a real partner in their car’s maintenance, someone who knows their car inside and out and will make you a priority whenever you’re in a bind. Bouncing from shop to shop whenever your car needs inspection or repair means it’s less likely to get consistent quality service. If you’re searching for a reputable, reliable partner for Acura repair in Arlington Heights, we’ve got four tips to help you hone in on a solid candidate.

  1. Ask around your community. 

Never underestimate the power of popular opinion when it comes to businesses in your area. Community approval is a big deal for local automotive centers. When people find a shop they like, they usually stick with it for the long haul. Seek these people out, because no one’s going to keep relying on the same mechanics for years if they’ve been overcharged or their car wasn’t properly handled. Talk to people. Look at reviews online. Check credibility. Satisfied customers speak very highly of an automotive center’s reputation and service.

   2. Check their training and specialties.

For now, you only need a repair shop that can service your current type of vehicle, but if you want to be with this place for years to come, ideally you should find a shop that is diverse enough to handle whatever vehicle you choose down the road. Look for a center that is experienced in working on both foreign and domestic vehicles, and check to make sure all mechanics are properly trained to successfully perform all kinds of work on all makes and models.

   3. Gauge how comfortable they are with questions. 

Your mechanic is essentially you car’s doctor, and wouldn’t you expect your doctor to answer your pressing questions? Depending on the magnitude of your maintenance or repair need, it could get costly, so you have every right to ask questions about the service that’s required, the shop’s cost estimate, the credentials of the people who will be taking care of your vehicle, etc. If your mechanic isn’t comfortable answering these questions, they’re not running a very professional business.

4. Take a look at their shop.

The way in which an automotive center keeps up their facility says a lot about them, so stop by beforehand and take a look. While you can’t expect the actual service area to be pristine, you should take the waiting area into account. Is there someone there to greet you at the front desk? Is it clean? Is there a comfortable area for you to wait on your vehicle? Do employees conduct themselves professionally in front of customers? The way they handle these things say something about the way they’ll handle your vehicle.


At Wheeling Auto Center, it’s our standard to provide all of the above and then some. Our long list of customer testimonials on our site and outside sites speak to our years of customer loyalty. Every member of our team is rigorously trained to expertly perform work on all makes and models of foreign and domestic vehicles. We welcome any question and care about your personal service, and our center is always clean and comfortable. We consistently prioritize customer satisfaction across all of our offerings.

If you’re looking for a true partner to handle your Acura repair in Arlington Heights, Wheeling Auto Center is happy to be just that. For more information about our capabilities, feel free to contact us at (847) 979-5349, or schedule and appointment on our website.

Need Volkswagen Repair in Arlington Heights?

Finding a quality repair shop for foreign cars can be a challenge, and there’s extra pressure added if you’re looking for an automotive repair shop because you’re already in a big jam. At Wheeling Auto Center, we provide our customers peace of mind, especially in these nerve-wracking situations. Our automotive center specializes in both foreign and domestic cars, and we have keen experience and skill in working with Volkswagen vehicles. Every member of our staff is rigorously trained to efficiently work on all makes and models. Wheeling is equipped with the same level of expertise and equipment as a Volkswagen dealership, but we’re able to provide the personal customer service of a local automotive center, so you’ll never feel overlooked. Whether you need a small fix or a complicated repair, our team at Wheeling has the skill, service, and experience to get you taken care of as conveniently as possible. When you need Volkswagen repair in Arlington Heights, we’re your one-stop shop for certified master auto mechanic services. 

Our general auto maintenance capabilities include:

  • 30K, 60K, 90K-mile factory-scheduled maintenance
  • Fluid & oil changes
  • Filter replacements
  • Safety inspections
  • Emissions inspections
  • Tune ups
  • Windshield-wiper blade replacement
  • Check engine light diagnostics
  • Volkswagen part repair


Wheeling Auto Center also provides free second opinions, so if your Volkswagen has already been evaluated by another automotive center but you’re not sure of its diagnosis, we’re happy to take a look. Our main focus is that all of our customers leave happy with a vehicle they can depend on to be safe and smooth. Customer service isn’t something we take lightly, so if you’re in need of Volkswagen repair in Arlington Heights, Wheeling Auto Center knows how to get you back on the road quickly and comfortably.

Schedule an appointment with us on our site, or call us at (847) 979-5349.