6 Back-To-School Preparation Tips for Vehicle Owners

6 Back-To-School Preparation Tips for Vehicle Owners

Do you have a son or daughter that will be heading back to college soon? What about a teenager that travels back and forth to school each day? Perhaps you just want to make sure the family van is ready to haul the kids to school once again?

With schools and universities all over the country rolling out their plans to reopen again soon, we wanted to take the time to share some tips to help ensure you or your child’s vehicle is safe and ready for the semester ahead.

1. Get the oil changed.

This one is a no-brainer. We’ve talked about the importance of car maintenance before but it never hurts to remind you that regular oil changes keep an engine running smooth and clean. Don’t leave the task of getting the oil changed up to your child. With how busy kids are these days, odds are it won’t get done again until you bring it back to us the next time they’re home.

2. Make sure the tires have enough tread.

The tires are the only part of any vehicle that comes in direct contact with the road. By making sure the tread on the tires is still in good condition before they leave, you’re doing just one more small thing to ensure your child’s safety on the road. This doesn’t mean you have to shell out for brand new tires each semester. You can always use a penny to check the tires by placing Lincoln headfirst into the tread. If you can still see all of Abe’s head, then it’s time to replace the tire.

3. Check all fluid levels.

Cars are thirsty machines. The many systems that make up your automobile use a variety of different fluids to keep everything lubricated, temperature-regulated, and operating as they should. By having a professional technician top off or change any fluids that need it, you ensure the safe continued operation of the vehicle.

4. Test and clean the battery.

While most car batteries only need to be replaced every few years, you should still make a habit of regularly cleaning away any corrosion that starts to form on the battery housing or cables. It’s also a good idea to have a professional technician test the voltage and amperage level of your car’s battery before sending your kids off to school to be sure it can successfully power all of the electrical systems without issue.

5. Get the brakes checked.

Don’t wait until your daughter or son calls you to tell you that they can hear a squealing sound when they push the brakes. Let us take a look at the braking system, including the pads, rotors, brake lines, and master cylinder, to be sure there are no potential problems lying in wait that could spell disaster if not addressed.

6. Prepare an emergency roadside kit.

Sometimes, cars will still break down despite all your best efforts to keep them well maintained. When this happens, it’s important to be prepared with everything you might need in a pinch. Need ideas on what to include in your emergency roadside kit? Feel free to take some inspiration from here.

BONUS TIP: Make sure that your student has proof of insurance inside the vehicle and consider adding roadside assistance to your policy if you don’t already have it. If your child gets a flat or breaks down while away at school, you can’t just drive out to their rescue like you would if they were still at home. Roadside assistance gets your child off the side of the road faster when situations like this inevitably come up.

Trust Wheeling to Get Your Family’s Vehicles Ready to Go Back to School

By taking a proactive approach to auto maintenance, not only are you helping to ensure your family reaches school safely and on time, but you’re also taking steps to lengthen the life of your vehicle. If you’re looking for a technician that you can trust with everything we mentioned above, then Wheeling Auto Center is here to provide you with service that goes above and beyond your expectations. At Wheeling, each customer is treated like family. It’s our mission to ensure our family is safe on the road. Let us do what we do best and schedule an appointment with us today.

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