Be Road-Trip Ready with a Complete Vehicle Inspection

be road-trip ready with a complete vehicle inspection, wheeling auto center,

It’s been a long pandemic year for many people. Now many of us are craving the open road. And we’re not alone: according to AAA, 2020-2021 may be the Year of the Road Trip. Last spring, the agency predicted that Americans were planning as many as 700 million trips, and 97% of them by road. 

The sudden interest in road tripping isn’t a surprise: people love adventuring and traveling. It’s absolutely possible to do both while still staying safe (of course, continue to follow public health and safety guidance along the way and at your destination). 

Looking for inspiration? Here are a few of our ideas. 

  • Take a long road trip. Many families are using this time to take the road trip of their dreams. From driving cross-country to finally checking off the last of the 50-state challenge, many people are logging long miles to interesting places. 
  • Go back in time in Springfield. Bring history to life for family members of all ages with a trip to Springfield, the Illinois state capital. There you can visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library for an interactive experience about the 16th president’s life. Venture a couple of miles up the road to see his tomb. Be sure to see the state capital and, if you have time, the site of New Salem Village, where Lincoln lived for six years in the 1830s. 
  • Go caving in south-central Wisconsin. Ready for a change of scene? South-central Wisconsin west of Madison has plenty to do. Visit Devil’s Lake State Park in Baraboo to hike or rent a boat for a few hours. There is also a beachfront where kids can play and catch minnows. Just 20 minutes south of Baraboo, you can visit the national natural landmark Cave of the Mounds for a self-guided tour of one of the most beautiful caves in the Midwest. There are other attractions close by, including Mt. Horeb (famous for its trolls and mustard museum), House on the Rock, American Players Theatre, and Blue Mound State Park
  • Hike in Glacial Park. Closer to home, McHenry’s Glacial Park Preserve is a beautiful spot for hiking, picnicking and learning about how the glaciers shaped the land 10,000 years ago. 
  • Check out the county fair. The 2021 Lake County Fair is scheduled for July 28-August 1 in Grayslake. You can see livestock up close and there are a variety of exhibitions and competitions. 

Wherever the open road takes you, be sure your car can get you there safely. Schedule a Complete Vehicle Inspection—and tell us what you have planned—so we can carefully inspect your vehicle to determine if it needs service or repairs before you head out. 

Your Spring Vehicle Inspection includes inspection of: 

  • Belts and hoses for wear and tear and necessary replacement.
  • Brakes and brake pads to ensure safety.
  • Battery so your car starts.
  • Fluids to ensure proper levels. 
  • Lights for safer driving in early starts or overnight. 
  • Steering and suspension for a more comfortable ride. 
  • Tires to determine if yours are showing signs of wear and tear and/or if it’s time to rotate.
  • Wipers, so if yours need fresh blades to keep the windshield clear, we handle it. 

All Wheeling Auto Center Spring Vehicle Inspections also include tire rotation, fluid top-off, a test of your electrical system, and a seasonal climate control test. When you’re done, you can head out on the road with peace of mind. 

Make sure your travel is memorable for all the right reasons with a Complete Vehicle Inspection at Wheeling Auto Center, where we’re committed to making your visit convenient and easy. In addition to simple scheduling and a comfortable waiting area, we offer a new, industry-leading 4-year/50,000-mile warranty and complimentary loaner vehicles. 

Is your vehicle road-trip ready? Call us at (847) 259-3776 or schedule your appointment online today.