When it comes to the highest level car service Prospect Heights has offer, Wheeling Auto Center should be the first place that comes to your mind. This is because we truly care about the safety of our customers and provide every customer with the highest level of service.

As winter is quickly approaching, we want to make sure your vehicle is prepared. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your vehicle serviced or repaired! Here are a few service items you may want to start thinking about:

Air, Fuel, and Other Filters

If your vehicle’s filters are dirty and clogged, your engine will be forced to work harder than it should have to– which will ultimately cause it to burn more gasoline and not run as smoothly. At Wheeling Auto Center, our certified mechanics will check and replace your vehicle’s filters as needed so that your vehicle is performing at it’s best in all conditions.

Fuel De-icer levels

When you bring your vehicle in for service at our 15-bay facility, we will make sure to check your fuel de-icer levels and refill as necessary. It’s recommended to add fuel de icer to your tank at least once a month. The de icer liquid will help to prevent any moisture from freezing in the fuel line. Be sure to keep your gas tank full to prevent moisture from forming in the empty space.


It is crucial that your tires are suitable for winter weather. If you have worn treads and/or other damage to any of your tires, your vehicle is more susceptible to skidding or hydroplaning in rain, sleet, and/or snow. It is also important to have your tires rotated and inflated properly. All of your tires are important, even your spare. Though you may not be using it right now, this tire will come in handy in cases of emergency. Check the condition of your spare tire and make sure it’s properly inflated. Wheeling Auto Center provides only the highest quality inventory of tires and tire service.


If you can’t park your vehicle indoors, you’ll definitely encounter ice or frost on your windshield in the winter months. Obviously you need to have to have an ice scraper handy along with a reliable defrost system, or you won’t get too far! At Wheeling Auto Center, we will check your windshield wiper blades and make sure they’re in good condition. Of course, rubber-clad versions are best and we have an ample supply of these to choose from. We will also make sure your defrost system is working at proper levels. We’ll also check to make sure you have enough windshield wiper solvent (as you’ll be using this frequently to clean your windshields in coming months!).

Don’t wait until the first snowfall to get your vehicle serviced. The most convenient way to get your car ready for the fall/winter season is to bring it in to Wheeling Auto Center. As the top facility when it comes to car service Prospect Heights, we’ll perform all the necessary repairs and services to ensure your vehicle performs at it’s best this coming winter. We can also offer you tips for driving more safely when the snow hits. Your safety is our top priority!

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