Celebrating 30 Years at Wheeling Auto Center

If you ask our founder, David S. Becker, how Wheeling Auto Center started, he might respond with a story about a truck. Decades later, neither look like they have over 200,000 miles on the clock. Really, the success of our business it all boils down to a simple philosophy – choice:

“Wheeling Auto Center provides our customers with the trust and guidance to properly maintain their vehicles, for as long as they choose to own them. It’s this preventive approach that’s kept our customers and our business on the road for 30 years and counting. That plan hasn’t changed, and we look forward to many more years of great automotive service.” — David S. Becker, Wheeling Auto Center General Manager and Owner

Established in 1987

December 3, 2017, marks the passing of thirty years serving the Chicagoland area. Today known as Wheeling Auto Center, we first incorporated as Dave’s Towing and Recovery, on December 3, 1987. Towing and recovering broken-down vehicles, with our philosophy, wasn’t entirely fulfilling: Why not help people make their cars last longer, instead of waiting for them to break down?

A few years after incorporating, October 1, 1992, we bought Wheeling Auto Center, taking over operations on the service side of the business. Eventually, we sold the towing side of the business, in October 1995, to focus entirely on automobile maintenance, diagnosis, and repair. Since then, our position in the community has never wavered, much like the boss’ plan for that truck never wavered, and we’re going strong.

Treating our customers and team like family, Wheeling Auto Center helps them reach their goals. Whether those goals involve a vacation road trip, reliable commuter, or trusty delivery truck, our preventative approach keeps our customers on the road. Thirty years of reliable community service keeps them coming back, month after month, year after year.

Growing to Meet the Need

Indeed, thanks to our loyal customers, some second- and third-generation, and new customers, we’ve kept growing. It quickly became apparent that the five-bay service garage, just 2,200 square feet, wasn’t enough to service everyone effectively and on time. Tripling the size of the service area, in November 2002, Wheeling Auto Center expanded to 15 service bays, some 12,500 square feet.

Looking back on thirty years of providing valuable automotive service to the area, we realize it’s not just “a great shop” that makes for a long-lasting business. True, providing top-notch auto service, by certified professionals, on just about every make and model under the sun, is a big part of the picture, but without our loyal customers and their willingness to share their experiences, Wheeling Auto Center would be just another empty building.
We appreciate our many loyal customers, letting us provide them thirty years of excellent automotive service. On the eve of our thirty-first year, we look forward to providing this service to our friends and neighbors for many years to come.