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Check Engine Light Inspection What does it mean when my "check engine" light comes on?

Today’s vehicles use complex computer systems to enhance their efficiency and provide state-of-the-art features. Modern cars also have an on-board diagnostics (OBD) system, which continually monitors all engine and emissions systems and performance. Even something as simple as a change in air temperature or humidity will cause your OBD to adjust your engine to maintain peak performance and efficiency. When your OBD system notices a problem, it turns on a warning light, your “check engine” light, to let you know that there’s an issue that needs to be fixed.

How Fast Should I Act?
After the check engine light comes on, what should I do?

If your vehicle’s check engine light has just come on, it’s always recommended that you get it checked out within a few days. Generally, unless the light is red or flashing, you’re alright to drive your car long enough to schedule service with Wheeling Auto Center, but don’t push it!

When you first notice that your check engine light has come on, the first thing you should do is check all of your car’s gauges to ensure they’re reading normally. A more-serious issue like lack of oil pressure or overheating will cause other warning lights to flash, so if none of those alerts are active, you are likely ok for the time being. Just bring your car to Wheeling, and we’ll pull the diagnostic code that tells us what’s wrong. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a loose gas cap, but most often, it’s some kind of sensor malfunction that we can easily fix.

Check engine light services & capabilities:

  • OBD Code Lookup
  • Emissions System Repair
  • Oxygen (O2) Sensor Replacement
  • Catalytic Converter Replacement
  • Mass-Airflow Sensor (MAF) Replacement
  • Spark Plugs & Plug Wire Replacement
  • Gas Cap Replacement
  • Ignition Coil Replacement
  • Thermostat Replacement
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Replacement
  • Fuel Injector Replacement
  • And More

Whether you need a new O2 sensor or any of the other problems listed above, the expert auto repair mechanics at Wheeling Auto Center are your best bet. Once your repairs are completed, we will continue to run and test your car to ensure your check engine light doesn’t come back on. Get peace of mind with expert check engine light repair service from Wheeling Auto Center.

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