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Emissions Repair Services Keeping your car sounding good & functioning correctly

A vehicle’s emissions system may seem basic and straightforward, but there’s actually a lot of complex components and engineering that make everything work. Essentially, emissions systems carry exhaust fumes away from your car’s engine and toward the rear of the car. But, these systems also muffle the noise of your engine and clean your exhaust fumes. If you need emissions repair services in the Arlington Heights, IL area, rely on Wheeling Auto Center.

Emissions Repair and Inspection
Reducing engine noise, environmental protection, & performance

Many people think that a vehicle’s exhaust system is just designed for muffling. Actually, your emissions system is critical to your vehicle’s performance and your environmental impact as well. A leak in your exhaust can make your car sound much louder than it should and allow harmful carbon monoxide into your passenger cabin. However, a malfunctioning O2 (oxygen) sensor can cause efficiency and performance problems as well, harming your gas mileage. Poor catalytic converter function can cause the release of harmful gasses into the air, hurting the environment, and even causing you to fail IL emissions standards.

Regardless of the problem with your vehicle’s exhaust system, Wheeling Auto Center is here to fix it quickly and have you back on the road affordably. We’ll diagnose the problem fast and recommend the ideal solution for value and performance.

Our emissions system repair capabilities & services:

  • Exhaust Leak Repairs
  • Catalytic Converter Replacement
  • Muffler Repair & Replacement
  • Oxygen (O2) Sensor Replacement
  • Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensor Replacement
  • And more

Fail Your State Inspection?
Wheeling Auto Center will have your vehicle passing IL state inspection quickly

Here in Illinois, drivers must have their vehicles inspected every two years to ensure all safety and emissions systems are working correctly. A common cause of state inspection failure is a faulty emissions system allowing uncleaned exhaust fumes to exit your tailpipe. If your IL state inspection is due and you have an issue, come to us for expert emissions system repairs.

Check Engine Light On?
Vehicle emissions systems are a common cause of check engine lights.

One of the most common causes of a “check engine” light on vehicle’s your dashboard is your exhaust system. Often, it’s an O2 (oxygen) sensor, which analyzes the exhaust and helps your engine’s computer determine how to run more efficiently. Check engine lights can come on due to worn-out MAF sensors or catalytic converters. These actually are three of the top-five causes of check engine lights, and any of these problems will cause you to fail a state inspection in Illinois.

If you’ve got a loud, unmuffled noise from your exhaust, a check engine light on your dash, or unusual odors from your engine, bring your car to Wheeling Auto Center or today. We’ll ensure you’re quiet, clean, safe, and compliant with our state’s emissions standards.

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