How to Build an Emergency Summer Roadside Kit

How to Build an Emergency Summer Roadside Kit

As you excitedly plan your summer travels, make sure you have everything you need in a pinch by equipping your vehicle with a fully-loaded summer roadside kit. When filled with the right items, the kit can help you handle minor repairs on the fly so that you can get back to your trusted car repair shop without any extra hassle. Furthermore, the contents of your summer roadside kit can go a long way to preventing harm to you and your passengers during emergency situations. Here’s what you need to add to create a kit you can depend on all summer long.

Road Flares and Signs

If your vehicle ends up broken down on the side of the road, flares and hazard signs will help warn passing traffic to your presence. Make sure you have enough flares on hand for several trips, in case you have more than one incident before you can refresh your supply.

Basic Tool Kit

A basic kit of hand tools can help you resolve minor issues that could happen due to loose bolts, battery wires, and more. Determine if your vehicle uses standard or metric hardware to select the tools that will work for your roadside car repair needs.

Tow Rope

If your car ends up stranded in an unsafe location, like around a blind corner, having a tow rope on hand can help if you have someone there who is willing to drag the vehicle somewhere a little safer. Only select a tow rope that’s rated at or beyond your vehicle’s gross weight.


Modern engine compartments are cramped and dark, which makes it difficult to see what your vehicle needs to return to the road. You can get a clearer idea of what’s going on by using a high-powered LED flashlight while inspecting your engine bay. Having a flashlight will also let you save the battery on your phone, reserving it for emergency calls.

Food and Water

Pack enough food and water to keep you and your passengers fed and hydrated during emergency stops. You should also have a gallon of water on hand to top off your radiator in case it springs a leak on your travels.

Space Blanket

A space blanket can provide you with shade during the day and protect you from the elements at night, so it’s a must-have for your summer roadside kit. Make sure to include one for every potential passenger who rides in your vehicle.

First Aid Kit

A well-stocked first aid kit can help you address cuts, abrasions, allergic reactions, and other minor injuries or illnesses that may occur on your summer road trip. As you build your first aid kit, add items that pertain to the exact medical needs of you and your passengers.

Phone Charger

Keep a phone charger in your vehicle to top off your battery on the go and always have a way to call for help. If you need to acquire vehicle repair services, you can use your phone to call for a tow to your trusted car repair shop.

Prepare Your Summer Roadside Kit for Improved Safety All Season

Remember, the best preparation you can do for any trip is preventive maintenance. Before travelling, bring your car in and have it inspected to eliminate potential issues before they occur. Technicians will refresh your fluids and warn you about any worn or damaged parts before they fail so that you can continue on your way without delay. Schedule your next appointment with Wheeling Auto Center by giving us a call at 847-979-5349 or filling out our online scheduling form.