How to Identify a Qualified Luxury Car Repair Shop in Your Area

mercedes repair services Arlington Heights ILBrakes should last anywhere between 25,000 and 50,000 miles depending on the quality of the car (and the quality of your driving), but even Mercedes and BMW cars need their brakes changed once they start to wear thin. However, that doesn’t mean every Mercedes repair is as simple as changing brake pads. And, unfortunately, not every repair shop is qualified for Mercedes repair.

For most luxury vehicles, owners need to visit a specialty auto repair service to get the work done by an expert who specializes in their brand of car. If you’re in need of auto repair services for your Mercedes or BMW, here’s how to identify a qualified specialty repair shop.

The minute you walk in, there should be some form of indicator that the repair shop works with a particular brand of vehicle. If you’re looking for Mercedes repair, the shop should be able to showcase their qualifications to work on those vehicles.

Technical Training
A BMW Master Certified Technician has a minimum of five years of experience working on BMW vehicles in a BMW approved environment. These mechanics, as well as other specialty mechanics, are often trained in competitive programs that offer the highest level of continuing education for auto repair experts.

Diagnostics, Tools, and Parts
Unlike ordinary vehicles, cars from brands like Mercedes and BMW have specific technical requirements that need to be met and repaired with specialty equipment. A qualified luxury auto repair shop should have all of the technology, tools, and parts necessary to deal with high-end vehicles.

Professional Associations
Any luxury auto repair service should have evidence that they are associated with and trained by a company that is either the car manufacturer themselves or a close affiliate of that company.

Groups such as Automotive Service Excellence, the Automotive Service Association, and iATN hold their members to high ethical standards and rigorous technician certification requirements.

Every Mercedes body is welded together in about 10,000 places, which means a lot can go wrong as you rack up those miles. But if your repair service doesn’t know that, then you’re out of luck. Neglecting vehicles costs the economy upwards of $2 billion annually, but you stand to lose your car if it’s not being repaired by the right people.