Kick Off Your New Year With Preventative Maintenance

kick off your new year with preventative maintenance

When was the last time you had preventative maintenance done on your vehicle? If you can’t remember, the new year is the perfect time to get caught up on all the small services that can save you money, time, and frustration by preventing more extensive problems from happening down the road. If you live or work in Arlington Heights, IL, make an appointment at Wheeling Auto Center for preventative maintenance services.

Why Is Preventative Maintenance Important?

Just like taking blood pressure medication may help prevent you from having a heart attack, performing preventative maintenance on your vehicle may help prevent major breakdowns. Here are some of the top reasons preventative maintenance is so essential.

Saving Money

Spending a little money on preventative maintenance now can help reduce the likelihood of needing more expensive fixes later. Here are a few examples:

  • Tire rotations and alignments help your tires last longer, delaying an expensive purchase of new tires.
  • Oil changes help prevent your engine from getting clogged with metal shavings or other debris and needing major service.
  • Replacing belts before they break can prevent the sudden breakdown and engine damage that would occur if a belt broke.

Safety Precautions

A tire blowout, brake malfunction, snapped belt, or other problems may cause you to have an accident, putting not just you and your family at risk, but other drivers on the road, as well. Replacing parts before they have a chance to cause sudden, severe problems keeps everybody safer.

Avoiding Future Inconvenience

Preventative maintenance can be scheduled for a time that works best for you. Suppose your vehicle doesn’t start when you hop in your car to go to work. In that case, your brakes don’t work well enough to prevent you from hitting the vehicle ahead of you, or your entire transmission fails in the middle of your daily commute, the inconvenience will be significantly worse than bringing your vehicle into Wheeling Auto Center for preventative maintenance.

Make an Appointment for Preventative Maintenance Today

When you need an oil change, tune-up, alignment, tire rotation, belt replacement, or any other preventative maintenance service done, make an appointment at Wheeling Auto Center by clicking here or calling (847) 259-3776. Our 15-bay service center is designed to get you in and out quickly and efficiently, so start your new year off right by coming in for preventative maintenance today.