Preparing Your Car for Spring

As the winter snows are finally starting to melt away, residents here in the Arlington Heights, IL area are happy to welcome spring weather. Now that the roads are consistently clear, there are a number of things we suggest you do with your car to prepare for the transition to the warmer weather months.

Inspect, Swap, & Rotate Tires

Obviously, if you’ve been driving on snow tires all winter, it’s time to swap them out for your summer tires. Don’t delay the swap! Whether studded or studless, most winter tires are not designed to be driven on dry tarmac, so you can actually wear them out much faster by keeping them on too late into the spring. It’s best to rotate between summer tires and winter tires for maximum year-round performance and longevity, and Wheeling Auto Center is happy to help you with new tires and tire changeouts.

Even if your car is fitted with all-season tires that don’t need to be swapped out, now is a great time to inspect them closely for tread wear. Winter driving can be very hard on your car’s tires and suspension systems, so if you’re noticing uneven tire wear or your car is pulling to one side or the other, you may need a four-wheel alignment. You might also consider rotating your all-season tires now that spring has arrived. Get in touch with us immediately if you think you might need an alignment or a tire rotation!

Check Your Battery

Cold-weather driving can be especially demanding on your car’s battery, and it’s common for winter to accelerate your battery’s life cycle and cause it to fail completely this time of year. Just bring your car to Wheeling, and we’ll give you a battery inspection to let you know how much life it has left and how long you will be able to drive before replacing it. Don’t let your battery die on you when you least expect it!

Wash Your Car

It may seem simple or obvious, but it is very important to wash your car thoroughly this time of year, especially the underbody of your car. Driving on snowy roads in the Chicago area will cause the buildup of salt, sand, grime, and other chemicals on your car, which can be corrosive and damaging if left uncleaned. Be sure to have your car professionally washed with an underbody treatment for the best protection from rust and similar corrosive damage. Our friendly experts will be happy to recommend a car wash service close by!

Check Your Windshield Wiper Blades

Winter weather is very hard on your windshield wipers, as bitter cold temperatures and frozen precipitation play havoc on soft rubber wiper blades. Now that it’s starting to warm up, take a look at your wiper blades. If you notice damage or they seem hard or brittle, replace them immediately. Driving in the rain with ineffective wiper blades can be incredibly unsafe. New wiper blades will give you noticeably better visibility when things gets wet.

Check Your Fluids, Belts, & Hoses

Be sure to top up all of your car’s fluids and take a look at all of the belts and hoses under your hood. Chicago’s bitter-cold winter weather can cause belts and hoses to crack or fail sooner, so this is an especially important step in preparing your car for spring. If you’re in doubt, just schedule service with us, and we’ll inspect your belts and hoses for you to give you peace of mind. When it comes to auto repair and seasonal maintenance, there’s no more trusted source in the Arlington Heights, IL area than Wheeling Auto Center.