Preventative Car Maintenance

Spend a Little Now, Save a Ton Later!

Here at Wheeling Auto Center, one of the things we talk to our customers frequently about is preventative car maintenance. Actually, most of our customers already know they need to keep up with their preventative car maintenance, but aren’t always following through as consistently as needed. On thing can’t be denied, though: preventative maintenance is critical to getting more reliability and performance out of your car and keeping it on the road longer.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

These days, just about every product you buy comes with an owner’s manual, but the one that came with your car may be the most important. Part of the value in your car’s owner’s manual is detailing it’s unique preventative maintenance requirements. Your manual will tell you how often things need to be service and replaced, so that’s often the best starting point if you’re trying to get more serious about your routine maintenance.

Avoid Larger, Costlier Repairs

The most obvious advantage to preventative car maintenance is that it helps protect your car from major problems with components and systems. Failure to keep your oil changed can completely ruin your engine over time, but something as simple as forgetting to keep your tires at the right pressure can lead to flats, blowouts, and faster wear. Many people don’t consider changing their automatic transmission fluid, but that’s an expense that’s easy to justify when the alternative is a full transmission replacement—ouch! That’s why we always say, “spend a little now, save a lot later.” You’ll save money over time, and you’ll help yourself avoid being stranded by a random breakdown.

Environmental Benefits

The advantages of preventative car maintenance go far beyond the cost of maintaining your car here in the Arlington Heights area. It’s easy to see how maintaining your car properly will keep it running cleaner, reducing harmful emissions and lowering your carbon footprint. In fact, keeping up with your vehicle’s routine maintenance needs will keep it on the road years and thousands of miles longer. This not only saves you money on buying a new car sooner, but consider the environmental impact of manufacturing and shipping new cars to begin with. If you can manage to drive one car for a decade rather than two, three, or four, you’ve done far more to reduce your personal impact on the environment than fretting over a few MPGs of fuel economy.

Your Routine Maintenance Partner

At Wheeling Auto Center, we don’t just want to fix your car and send you on your way. We strive to build relationships with our customers, and that includes helping everyone stay on top of their routine car maintenance needs. If you’re unsure what your car’s preventative maintenance needs are, just come by our shop in Arlington Heights or contact us today to discuss your needs, and we’ll be happy to help you keep your car running reliably for many years to come.