While a hybrid vehicle saves on gas and is environmentally-friendly, the complex technology may be prone to breakdowns that are expensive to repair, right? Wrong. In fact, most hybrid vehicles do not require additional maintenance beyond that of an ordinary vehicle. And, hybrid-specific parts and components are designed to (and typically do) last longer!


This part of a hybrid vehicle is part of what sets them apart from regular vehicles. The battery pack of a hybrid will *technically* need to be replaced after the warranty period expires (or around that time). Replacement cost for manufacturer versions will be higher whereas third-party options will typically be less expensive. The good news is that many hybrid batteries last longer than their stated duration. However, if a hybrid’s battery fails after the warranty expires, the costs can be very high. If the warranty has expired on your hybrid vehicle, be sure to check out our 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

Brake Pads

Another advantage of hybrid vehicles relates to brake pads. Ordinary cars need their brake pads changed on a semi-regular basis. Hybrid vehicles have regenerative braking systems that reduce much of the wear on mechanical brakes. Therefore, the brakes on a hybrid usually last much longer and require far less replacement. In addition to quality auto repair, if the brakes on your hybrid need replacing, don’t wait any longer! Schedule an appointment with us right away.


Another money-saving advantage when it comes to hybrid vehicles has nothing to do with maintenance. Certain insurance companies offer instant discounts just for owning or leasing a hybrid vehicle. Some offer up to 10% off before good driver, and multi-policy discounts. If hybrids were more expensive to maintain and repair, insurance costs would likely be higher.

Although hybrids are not as complex as most people think they are, they still require special training and skills to maintain correctly. As your quality auto repair facility, we have the expertise to handle all of your hybrid vehicle needs.

If you would like to invest in quality auto repair for your hybrid vehicle, please feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment.