Regular Car Maintenance is the Difference Between Life and Death for Your Vehicle

regular car maintenance is the difference between life and death for your vehicle

Every vehicle on the road requires regular car maintenance to stay in top condition. Without it, your vehicle’s fluids would lose their beneficial properties, belts would break, and parts of all kinds would start to prematurely wear out. Thankfully, the preventative maintenance process actively prevents wear and tear from resulting in serious damage to your engine, transmission, brakes, and many other systems used to run your vehicle. You can commit to this smart practice by partnering with your mechanic to identify and follow a preventative maintenance schedule that matches your vehicle manufacturer’s suggested service intervals.

Common Vehicle Maintenance Services

The exact car maintenance services your vehicle needs depends on its year, make, and model in addition to its overall condition and mileage. Your technician will need to inspect your vehicle and research the manufacturer’s suggested service intervals to determine the exact car maintenance and repair services to perform at each visit.

On most cars, trucks, and vans, regular vehicle maintenance typically includes the following services:

  • Oil change
  • Air, fuel, and cabin filter replacement
  • Inspect tire pressure and tire rotation
  • Brake inspection and replacement
  • Brake, steering, and other fluid refills
  • Coolant flush

You can work with your trusted mechanic to ensure your preventative maintenance plan supports your goal of improving car safety and performance.

Problems Caused by a Lack of Regular Car Care

If you don’t commit to a regular car maintenance schedule, your vehicle’s components could start to suffer from excessive wear and tear. The resulting damage could cause lasting repercussions that may affect the longevity of everything else.

Often, vehicles that don’t receive routine maintenance services may suffer catastrophic damage, including engine failure, from the lack of adequate lubrication and cooling. These are incredibly expensive repair jobs that can often be avoided with some simple preventative car care. Other potential consequences of skipping car maintenance can include poor engine performance, low gas mileage, and accidents.

Benefits of Regular Car Maintenance

A car that you keep maintained is a car that you can trust. With regular maintenance services performed by your skilled auto tech, you reduce the risk of a part failure occurring while driving. Furthermore, you can enjoy driving a vehicle that will retain the car safety and performance characteristics you love most. Vehicle maintenance can even help maintain the resale value of your vehicle to support your future needs by minimizing wear and tear, damage, and other potential faults.

Schedule Your Auto Repair Appointment to Improve Your Car Safety

When it comes time to bring your car down to the Wheeling Auto Center for service, you can simply schedule your next car maintenance appointment online. Our scheduling system allows you to select the best time and date for your car repairs. At your scheduled appointment, your technician will perform a complete inspection of your vehicle to identify and inform you about its service needs. Partner with us today to keep your car in pristine condition for years to come with smart preventative maintenance techniques.