Spring Car Care Tips to Improve Longevity

car care tips in Arlington Heights ILAs we’re nearing the end of April, it looks like the warm weather is finally here to stay. That means it’s time to do all the things you neglected when you had winter as an excuse. At the top of many people’s list is some form of spring cleaning, and it’s important not to forget to include your vehicle. Your car goes through a lot year-round, but it’s hit especially hard during the colder months when no one wants to be outside performing any kind of vehicle care. In order for your car to maintain its optimal performance and longevity, however, it’s necessary to make regular care a priority, and spring car care is particularly important before you head out for those summer trips. Spring car care is more than just a good wash and wax. It’s an all-over check to make sure your vehicle is and will continue to be in good condition. See our suggestions below.

Vehicle Care Checklist for Spring

Use this simple checklist to give you peace of mind on the road through spring and summer.

  • Check your tire pressure. This pressure increases as temperatures get warmer. Going beyond your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation can negatively affect your car’s fuel economy and driveability.
  • Clean and inspect your wiper blades. Between the ice and pollen, your wiper blades have likely gone through a lot by this point. Check to make sure there’s no cracking or splitting, and clean them well to ensure their dependability for summer storms. Replace them if needed.
  • Change your oil and filter. Staying within the suggested oil-change intervals for your vehicle is vital to maintaining a healthy engine.
  • Top off your fluids. No one wants to stand outside looking under their hood in the winter, so it’s likely your fluids have been a little neglected. Check your power steering, brake, and transmission fluids, as well as your windshield washer fluid and coolant.
  • Check your tires. Not only is maintaining proper pressure important, but it’s a good idea to check them for any irregular wear and to make sure your tread and overall tire surface is in good shape to secure your safety.
  • Test your battery. Cold weather isn’t a friend to your battery, as you may have figured out if you came out one morning to find your car wouldn’t start. Check to make sure your battery is clean and properly mounted, and replace it if it’s more than five years old.
  • Make sure your lights work. Your lights play a big role in how you communicate with other drivers on the road. Ensure they’re all working properly, and give them a good clean to remove the film snow and road salt may have caused.
  • Check your AC. Your air conditioning probably hasn’t been used in quite a while. Test it out to detect any issues before hot weather comes and you’re left sweating on the way to the auto shop.
  • Inspect your belts and hoses. Check your hoses for any visual damage, and check your belts for any cracks or looseness.
  • Check your filters. To ensure your vehicle’s performance for the long haul, make sure your engine air filter, cabin air filter, and fuel filter aren’t damaged or clogged.


A little care goes a long way when it comes to the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your vehicle. Make sure to give your care the attention it needs this spring to get it ready for summer traveling, and if you need help, give us a call at Wheeling Auto Center in Arlington Heights to get your car in shape quickly by a team you can always trust!