What To Do When the IMA Light In Your Hybrid Vehicle Turns On

what to do when the ima light in your hybrid vehicle turns on

When you own a hybrid vehicle, you know that there are certain features and differences that make caring for it slightly more delicate than if you owned an ordinary vehicle. Therefore, it takes a specialized mechanic or niche auto shop to be able to assist you when you need repairs or have questions. 

For example, many hybrid vehicles owners who drive a Honda will experience the IMA light turning on at some point. The IMA stands for Integrated Motor Assist, which is the hybrid technology specifically designed for Honda hybrids. This indicator light usually means that either your battery pack needs maintenance or that you require a full battery replacement. 

At Wheeling Auto Center, our team of certified mechanics is well-equipped to handle any issues you may experience with your hybrid vehicle. Whatever the problem may be, we will inspect your car so we can properly diagnose it and determine a following course of action.

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Your Honda hybrid vehicle’s IMA light is never something you should ignore. It indicates that your battery is no longer working as it should and therefore is decreasing your fuel efficiency as you drive. In fact, you’ll probably notice how much smoother your vehicle runs once you have your battery repaired or replaced entirely. 

To continue operating your vehicle while reducing emissions, schedule your appointment with our team today in Arlington Heights, IL. 

From repair to full hybrid battery replacement, we will help you fix your vehicle’s issue and get you back to driving safely for both you and the environment.