At Wheeling Auto Center, we think one of the the best ways to pick an auto mechanic is to go by what previous customers are saying. Whether you are new to the area or you just need a good reliable mechanic, consider some of the things our customers are saying about us:

“I just recently started using Wheeling Auto Center to service my Saab. One of the reasons that brought me in was the available loaners. But what keeps me coming back is the honest, low pressure, excellent service that I have received. I plan to continue using Wheeling Auto Center.”- Robert Y., Wheeling

Yes, we do provide loaner cars for those who need them. Pick-up and drop off is another complimentary service we provide. Because we know people do not like to be without their vehicles for long, we work hard to complete repair services as quickly and efficiently as possible. If the part needed for your vehicle is not already in our inventory, we will have one of our employees go and get it that same day.

“Thank you for being so honest and straightforward with me about my Passat. I’m not happy to hear that I need to replace it but I do appreciate that you didn’t try to get me to do any patchwork fixes that would have not paid off in the long term. Thanks for your help.” – Jason J., Mundelein

Because we are not in business for the short-term goal of just getting your money, we treat our customers the way we would want to be treated if we were in their place. We hope you leave our facility feeling you have received honest and excellent service at a reasonable price.

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