Why Snow Tires Are a Must in the Winter

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Have you been wondering whether snow tires are worth the investment? If you live in Arlington Heights, IL, snow tires are a must, even if you try to stay home when the roads are at their worst. Let’s talk about the benefits of snow tires, why they’re worth the cost, and when you should put them on and take them off each year.

What’s the Difference Between Snow Tires and Winter Tires?

Is there a difference between snow tires and winter tires? No, and winter tires are actually a more accurate name than snow tires. That’s because winter tires perform better in cold weather than all-season tires do, even when the roads are dry. Why?

Winter tires are made from a softer rubber than all-season tires. That’s important because all-season tires become stiff and brittle when it’s under 40°, decreasing their performance. That means you’ll get better grip and handling from winter tires on cold days, even when there’s no snow or ice on the ground.

Advantages of Winter Tires

So, winter tires perform better on cold days than all-season tires. But, of course, the most obvious advantage of winter tires is how they perform on snow and ice.

One Motor Trend test showed that at only 12 mph, an AWD vehicle equipped with all-season tires took an extra 1.5 car lengths to stop on ice compared to an identical model with winter tires. Even at that slow speed, that could mean the difference between stopping safely and hitting the car ahead of you. Imagine the difference at higher speeds!

The most noticeable difference in the performance of winter tires compared to all-season tires is during cornering. During the same Motor Trend test, the vehicle with winter tires managed a 90-degree turn on ice at 11 mph with minimal slippage, while the vehicle with all-season tires lost traction and wanted to plow straight ahead.

Are Winter Tires Worth the Cost?

Yes, snow tires can be expensive. But how much is your insurance deductible if you get in an accident? More than that, how much is the safety of your family worth?

The other thing to consider is that switching to snow tires every winter will extend the life of your all-season tires, so you save money there, too.

All in all, snow tires are worth the cost if you drive in Arlington Heights any time between November and March.

When to Put On and Take Off Snow Tires

Winter tires perform best when it’s colder than 40°. When it’s regularly warmer than that, the softer rubber wears out a lot quicker, which is why you should switch to all-season tires when the temperature starts to warm up. 

Here in the Chicagoland area, you should put on snow tires by the end of November and take them off by the end of March.

Get Snow Tires in Arlington Heights, IL

Are you ready to buy snow tires to keep you and your family safe this winter? Let our experts help you choose the best tires for you. With our 15 vehicles bays, we can get you in, out, and back on the road in no time. To make an appointment, click here or call (847) 259-3776. Don’t wait! Winter tires can and do sell out, and the next big storm is always right around the corner.