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When to Spring for New Tires

When is it time to replace your tires? You may hesitate to buy new tires before you need them, but worn tires can cause potentially dangerous handling issues. Also, tires are cheaper at certain times of the year, which may make it worthwhile to upgrade a few months before you think it’s necessary. Here are […]

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which type of tire should i buy?

Which Type of Tire Should I Buy?

The right tires can improve your vehicle’s handling, braking, traction, and fuel economy, while the wrong tires could cause potentially disastrous issues. So, which types of tires are best for your vehicle? It depends on what and how you drive, and since we get so much snow here, you might need more than one set […]

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Employee Spotlight: Tim Andrews

Many of our customers know service advisor Tim Andrews (aka Grill Man) as the man who hands over the keys when their car is ready. Tim is an ASE L1 Master Automotive technician and a longtime member of the Wheeling Auto Center family. In fact, he’s been part of our team for 18 years. Tim […]

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